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Have you ever searched and searched for your ultimate new or used dream car, truck, sports utility vehicle, minivan or motorcycle, cleverly negotiated with the dealer for hours on end to obtain a great asking price, applied for an auto loan and then got turned down flat? If you answered "yes" or are afraid that you will never, ever find traditional financing because you don't have A+ credit, then you definitely need to read further.

PeopleFirst is the nation's largest online originator and servicer of the Blank Check® vehicle loan. It was founded in 1995 by several experienced banking and automotive financing gurus who created the program to help the millions of people turned down for traditional auto financing every single year, simply because they don't have A + credit. The folks at People First want their customers (regardless of past credit) to get ahead of the auto financing game and are committed to helping them qualify for the new or used vehicle of their dreams. They understand how difficult the auto financing process can be and how disheartening and unfair it is to be overcharged once you're awarded financing simply because you've had problems in the past. Therefore, they developed a convenient, fast, and hassle-free loan experience that enables you to obtain an approval in 15 minutes. Wow! Fifteen minutes. Traditional financing methods can take 15 minutes to just fill out the first page of an application so this is truly a time savings.

At, you get supersonic approvals and a pleasurable shopping experience delivered by exceptional customer service personnel. The folks at know how to treat their customers and value their business. In fact, they are so confident that you will be pleased with their exceptional customer service that they put their money where their mouths are. Yes, that's right. They offer all clients a $100 guarantee that clearly stipulates that if you are not completely satisfied with your loan experience after receiving you Blank Check® loan, then after they receive your completed brief questionnaire, they will then send you a check for $100. Not bad. Not bad at all. What other companies offer such a great guarantee? Not many -that's for sure.

But, how does the PeopleFirst loan application process work? First, you have to contact their customer service department during business hours by calling 800-689-1789. Once you complete the application procedure and are approved for a stated amount (depends on your loan approval needs, present employment/credit history, etc), you will then receive a Blank Check® (by mail). If you're really in a hurry, they can send you the check via overnight delivery for an additional fee. This Blank check works just like a personal check and can then be issued to the seller of your choice, up to your approved amount, to purchase any new or used car, truck, sport utility vehicle, minivan, or motorcycle from any franchised new car or motorcycle dealership or approved used car dealer or broker in the United States. Your purchase may include any tax, license, registration, credit insurance, extended warranty (service) contracts, and any other costs of fees normally associated with the purchase of a vehicle. However, if you are making a person-to-person purchase, the license, title, registration fees and use tax cannot be included in the total amount of your loan.

Wondering if there are any stipulations? The only stipulations are that you have only 45 days from the date your PeopleFirst Blank Check® is issued before it expires, the amount of the check written must not exceed your approved limit, and if you you're approved for a maximum amount and don't use that much, your loan will be for the lesser amount. For example, if you're approved for a maximum of $35,000 but write the check for $10,000 then your loan will be for $10,000. Plus, if you find that you need to borrow more than you originally applied for, will send you a new Blank Check and loan package if you qualify for the higher amount. Now, how's that for service?

Here is what some of their customers had to say:

"I've purchased many vehicles over the last 25 years. I've borrowed money from every type of finance company, bank and credit union. They all need to understand that PeopleFirst has set a new standard in customer service. The fast turn-around on applications, the blank check package, minimal paperwork, debit payments and best of all... when you need customer service to help with a problem, answer questions or whatever, you get help and get it immediately! Congratulations, you are truly a customer-focused company, a rare commodity in today's business world. My car financing business is yours from now on. Your competition should be "on-notice." The bar is set significantly higher and may be out of their reach."
D.M. - Pennsylvania

"I want you to know I will never deal with anyone but PeopleFirst again. You made the loan process easier than I've ever experienced, we were in and out of the car dealership in record time, you were able to give me a 1.5% lower interest rate than the bank I've done all my business with for more than 30 years, and every step I've encountered with you has been organized and user friendly. I've referred you to everyone I know, and even left your information with the car dealerships, and my insurance consultant. My only wish is that you did home loans and personal loans! You'd have ALL my business!"
S.T. - Iowa

So, as you can see, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by contacting and applying for the Blank Check® . Don't wait. Join the thousands of clients who apply for and are approved for car loans every single day and obtain the car of your dreams tomorrow.

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