Credit Cards with Bad Credit - a review


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Plains Commerce Bank Visa   
This VISA product is specifically geared toward individuals in the 
sub prime credit market requiring an unsecured credit card. You
will have the opportunity to build or rebuild your credit with this
unsecured VISA Card from Plains Commerce Bank. There are
no credit checks, no credit turndowns, and no employment
verifications with this card. The application is clean and attractive
and should be an excellent fit for your requirements.

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Finding just the right credit card has never been easier. Tired of
searching from site to site to find the right credit card for you?
Let MyCreditCardFinder do all the work. Simply tell them what
you are looking for and they will provide you with a list of credit
cards that are just right for you. It is that Easy.

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BuyRight card
This card is a merchant catalog card suited to individuals 

with poor credit history. The Buy Right Platinum credit card
offers you an unsecured $5,000 Credit Line. 0.00% interest,
no credit checks and no turndowns. If you register today
online you will get a free $150 gift certificate to buy jewelry,
electronics, or more. They have a  fast and easy application
process with  guaranteed approval. Even if you have been
turned down everywhere else before, they will issue you
credit to shop online.
For the Buy Right Platinum credit card click here

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