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If for any reason you do not succeed in finding a loan that suits your needs from us, we promise to give you a free download of an ebook which will give you the inside tips and techniques which will legally improve your credit rating.

Refinance Mortgage

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E-LOAN     hot
They have a vast arena of tools and unbiased information so                        
just to help you make informed decisions. If you want a home
refinancing loan from one of the leading online lenders
then there are two ways you can get started. You can either
Apply and let one of their loan professionals help you find a
bad credit mortgage loan you can qualify for or you can view
the rates you qualify for and search rates by state and credit
score. E-loan will not discriminate against you if you have less
than perfect credit. Through the first quarter of 2002, E-LOAN,Inc.
originated $9 billion in consumer loans
so if you want to join
that group during this quarter click here

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Convenient and quick way to a mortgage refinance loan                               
as hundreds of lenders compete in a mortgage auction to
win your business. Their easy online application form
should take less than five minutes to complete and you
can save up to 50% on the cost of your loan. Remember
this service is free.

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Offers mortgage refinancing from the top institutions such as Bank               

of America, Citicorp, Chase and Bank One. They act as an
intermediary between you and the Institutions given you the
advantage of lower cost of loans, ease of use and a very fast
search engine for loans including mortgage refinance loans.
They have programs for all sorts of credit history. Good, bad, poor
or no credit.
You can find out more about mortgage refinancing from their site.

Even if your credit is not perfect , the New century mortgage                         

corporation can still get you the mortgage refinancing  that fits
your needs with a payment you can afford.                                                                        

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An online marketplace that allows loan applicants to complete                       
one application and submit it to multiple lenders/brokers
simultaneously. It offers an applicant for a refinance mortgage
access to local companies in addition to a network of large
national lenders.

For refinance mortage click here

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Their speciality is poor credit borrowers. They have a complete                      
online loan application form to meet different mortgage refinancing
needs.You will be dealing with experts in the field so do not worry
about giving your honest details, they are very professional.


With over 25 years experience in the industry, this company                         
frequently says yes where other lenders would slam the door
on your face. They offer many different types of mortgage
loans to fit anyones needs including refinance loans

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A very friendly company to deal with whether you have
bad credit or poor credit. They offer home loans, home
improvement loans and 2nd mortgages amongst other things.
Their motto is   No Credit +No equity= No Problem! So if
you can remember your grade school arithmetic these might
be the people to help you.

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