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Home equity scams
Do you own your home? If so, it's likely to be your greatest single asset. whether you have good or bad credit. Unfortunately, if you agree to bad credit loans that are based on the equity you have in your home . . small bad credit loans period image
Automatic debit scams
Fraudulent telemarketers have found yet another way to steal your money even if you have bad credit, this time from your checking account. Consumers across the country are complaining about unauthorized debits
(withdrawals) from their checking accounts . . .
Advance fee loans scams
Legitimate bad credit lenders never "guarantee" or say that you are likely to get bad credit loans or a credit card before you apply, especially if you have bad credit, no credit, or a bankruptcy . .
Credit card loss scams
"I got a call from a woman who said I need credit card loss protection insurance. I thought there was a law that limited my liability to $50 for unauthorized charges. But she said the law had changed and that . . .
Secured credit card scams  
... Ads like this may appeal to you if you have a poor or bad credit history or no credit at all. Beware: while secured credit cards can be an effective
way to build or re-establish your credit history . . article on secured credit card scams

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