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1-800 AutoYes     hot
They have a large network of auto dealers with all makes and          
               bad credit car loans
and types of vehicles who will receive your application and
contact you. As the name suggest the reply will probably be
yes regardless of your credit history. They handle both new
and used cars with experts ready to guide you to what is
more suitable. The interest rate will vary depending on the
severity of your credit problems, deposit amount, and the risk
involved. Your expert will explain and tell what the interest
rate will be. Through their network partners you can also purchase
a car from a private seller, refinance an existing auto loan, buy
your car if it's near the end of it's lease and a lot more. The free
application takes about 60 seconds to complete and you
may access it if you
click here

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Auto Credit Finders    
As you might have seen on T.V this Free Service specialises          
               bad credit auto loans         
in helping people with bad credit get an auto loan for a new or
a used car. Free here means free as you will not find any hidden
charges. They will help you find a loan wherever you live in the
country no matter how bad your credit is and without using
credit repair or credit repair techniques. Their national network
of lenders will ensure you get the lowest interest rate and
down payment possible.This is what one of their clients
had to say:
" My husband and I were in a bad situation relative to
    finances. With  two ex-spouses who had ruined our
    credit and had bled us dry– we  were desperate. The
    vehicle I owned was costing us a fortune to keep
    running and we knew we needed a new car, but no one
    would deal with us.
We found Auto Credit Finders. 
    They were friendly, courteous and  were able to help.
    I am now driving a brand new 1999 vehicle. I have
    reasonable financing, and my credit is now beginning
    to be rebuilt.
    Thank you Auto Credit Finders!!   "

Proccessing time for applications is usually within only 48 hours
with fast and easy approval
For a bad credit auto loan click here or for auto refinancing click here

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Receive a check overnight if you get approved for an auto loan                        bad credit auto loans pick
even if you have less than perfect credit from RoadLoans.They
are the direct lending division of Triad Financial Corporation with
over 1400 employees backed by $3 billion in auto loan receivables.
Lots of benefits with their program, click here to find out more
about all their benefits.

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They have a vast arena of tools and unbiased information so                           bad credit auto loans pick
just to help you make informed decisions. If you want a car
loan with less than perfect credit from one of the leading online
lenders then there are two ways you can get started. You can
either apply and let one of their loan professionals help you find
an auto loan you can qualify for or you can view the rates you
qualify for and search rates by credit score. E-loan will not
discriminate against you if you have less than perfect credit.
Through the first quarter of 2003, E-LOAN,Inc. originated $9
billion in consumer loans
so if you want to join that group
during this quarter click here

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Loan Web
Convenient and quick way to an auto loan with bad credit                                bad credit auto loans pick
as hundreds of lenders compete to win your business.
Their easy online application form should take less than five
minutes to complete and you can save up to 50% on the
cost of your loan.

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The team at Credit Soup believe that everyone should be able to                      bad credit auto loans pick
get a good auto loan whether you have good credit or bad credit. is a borrower's marketplace, connecting you
the consumer to the correct lender.They serve to give you the
best option available to you ensuring you get the most of your
credit dollar.Their process is easy. After you complete a simple
questionnaire they will provide you with a respected lender to
give you the bad credit auto loan you need so that you could
go and buy the auto you want. Worth a visit if you are looking
for an auto loan.
For an auto loan with bad credit click here

Visit the CreitSoup website here

Internet Financial Services   
This is a membership site
which provides instant online                                   bad credit auto loans pick
access to vehicle loans for people with
bankruptcy, bad
credit, no credit , repossession, or good credit in the
USA.You will be provided access to credible lenders
that will finance a new or used vehicle purchase
regardless of your credit history. Probably you won't
need to look any further.

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An online marketplace
that allows loan applicants to complete one                  auto loans with bad credit pick
application and submit it to multiple lenders/brokers simultaneously.       

It offers bad credit auto loan applicants access to local companies
in addition to a network of large national lenders. 

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They provide car loans through their network which is very                               
bad credit auto loans choice
sincere in trying to sort out the weeds in the credit  business
from the grass. has a site which is very full of tools
and information about the loan and credit business and extra
resources for people with bad credit.

Llearn about a car loan with bad credit from this company


Specialist in refinancing car loans and in reducing your monthly                       choice of bad credit auto loans
car loan repayments by $20 to up to $50 or even more. They
also offer other services like auto purchases and lease buyouts.

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Titan Loans    
They have a special program for people with bad credit who are                       
in search of an auto loan which 
can help you save hundreds if
not thousands of dollars. They will give you an actual cheque up
to the maximum approved amount and you will choose the dealer
and the vehicle you want, leaving you always in control.

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