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                  AmeriOne Card Mastercard

Are you a consumer that has no credit or bad credit but desperately wants the convenience of paying for purchases and services with a credit card? Are you looking for a nontraditional card that will allow you to have control of your finances and will keep you from racking up a ton of credit card debt? If you answered yes, then you should definitely consider the AmeriOnecard MasterCard. This unique card is similar to a debit card but has many benefits of a credit card and gives you get the best of both worlds! With the AmeriOne MasterCard®, you control your own spending (just like with a debit card) and you're only allowed to spend the amount that you have deposited and can't go over that. Therefore, the AmeriOne card makes a great budgeting tool. In addition, the AmeriOneCard MasterCard reports your monthly maintenance fee payment history to all three major credit-reporting agencies.

Now that we've undoubtedly piqued your interest, how does the AmeriOne card work and how can you obtain one? In order to get started, you have to meet certain criteria. You have to be at least 18 years of age, a US Citizen, have a permanent residency in the US, and a social security number. You must also completely fill out the AmeriOne MasterCard Application and send it along with a cashier's check or money order for $89.95 to cover your one time membership fee. If you're applying for a joint card, you have to include an additional $19.95 payment. Remember that there is no minimum deposit required to begin the program (besides the one time authorized user fee); however, if you want to begin using your card immediately, you should also send in whatever amount that you want to allocate for expenditures. Then, once you're approved and receive your card, you can then begin using your card to purchase the items/services you need and want and your deposit is automatically deducted whenever you make a purchase. Plus, one of the great things about the AmeriOne MasterCard®  is that you can increase your allocated spending amount by linking the card to your checking account, sending in periodic payments or having your payroll department directly deposited into your card.

Plus, there are also other great benefits to owning your own AmeriOne MasterCard which include:
· A 100% Guaranteed Approval Rate
· No Security Deposit/Checking Account is required
· No Credit Check or Employment Verification
· Online Purchases
  Build your available balance at your own pace up to $7500.00
Everything you could ever want or need is available online. If you haven't already figured it out, you can't use cash. That is one benefit of having an AmeriOneCard MasterCard. You can use your AmeriOneCard MasterCard online to buy clothes, stereo equipment, jewelry, furniture, food, books, movies, vitamins and anything else you can think of. Have you ever tried to rent a car with cash? Most likely you didn't get the car. With the power of an AmeriOneCard MasterCard, now you can.
Book Vacations:
Find a good deal on a vacation and make a reservation with an AmeriOneCard MasterCard. When you book a reservation over the phone it's hard to reserve a spot with cash, but most companies will accept MasterCard.
Pay By Phone:
If you have ever tried to pay with cash over the phone, you know how impossible it can be. Here are some examples of how convenient it is to use an AmeriOneCard MasterCard to pay over the phone. You can pay your mortgage, utility bill or phone bill or you can order flowers, pay for products seen on TV and much more.
Reserve Hotels:
Most hotels require a deposit when reserving a room. Don't take the chance of just showing up and hoping there will be a room available. Book the room ahead of time with an AmeriOne MasterCard®.
Dining Out:
Dining out has never been easier! Use the power of MasterCard  to reserve a table at the restaurant of your choice.
Celebrate by reserving those airline tickets for that special trip or have confidence knowing you will have the money to spend celebrating a special birthday or an anniversary.
Pay At The Pump:
Convenience. If you are using cash and need gas, chances are you have to go inside and wait in line. With an AmeriOneCard MasterCard you can pay at the pump! Almost all gas stations are now equipped to accept payment right at the pump.

So, go ahead and sign up for the AmeriOne MasterCard® today and obtain the purchasing power you need and want while maintaining complete control over your financial future.

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